What is the Fair Vote Project?

We are the Fair Vote Project. We believe that some things are bigger than Brexit – like fighting for our democracy. The whistleblower evidence suggests there was cheating in the referendum.

Nothing is more British than fair play. And nowhere is fair play more important than in elections. That’s why we’re campaigning to strengthen the rules of our democracy and secure a fair vote on our future.

We believe a fair vote can provide clarity and certainty. It can end the debate once and for all.


We are committed to transparency in our leadership and sources of support. Byline Festival provided necessary funding to launch this project. From there, we expect most support to come from individual supporters. We will make make public any contributions over £500.

Our Online Advertising Policy

We think it’s important to be transparent about how we’re reaching people through online advertising. If you see one of our ads it is because Facebook or Twitter thinks that you support: Remain, Leave, news, democracy or a similar organisation, and/or you’ve been engaging with Brexit related news online.

The whistleblowers

Shahmir Sanni

Shahmir felt that moving to the UK from Pakistan ‘saved his family’s life’. the UK gave him security and opportunities he would not have otherwise had. He has a truly globalist vision of the UK that means by leaving the EU, we can exercise true sovereignty and fully determine our relationships with countries inside and outside of Europe. But he believes that any decision to take us out of Europe must be transparent and decided by the will of the people.

Shahmir bravely blew the whistle in March 2018 regarding what he suggests was illegal coordination between Vote Leave and BeLeave that calls into the question the democratic values he holds so dear and believed he was fighting to preserve.

Shahmir was the Research Director and Company Secretary at BeLeave.

Christopher Wylie

At 23, Chris was recruited by SCL Ltd as Head of Research to assist in developing military ‘information operations’ to be deployed on what is termed the ‘fifth battlescape’ of information. While here, he was introduced to Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer. These meetings led to the creation of the now disgraced data firm Cambridge Analytica, envisaged as the ‘propaganda machine’ that could win the 2016 US Presidential elections for Trump.

Chris bravely blew the whistle in March 2018 on Cambridge Analytica to put an end to a machine he helped create. As reported in The Observer “Cambridge Analytica is “Chris’s Frankenstein.He created it. It’s his data Frankenmonster. And now he’s trying to put it right.”

Leading the project

Kyle Taylor

Kyle has spent his career working in cause-based and political campaigning from youth-led social change programmes around the world to the US Presidential campaign in 2016 and five elections in the United Kingdom. He was most recently national field campaign director at Best for Britain. In 2015 he finished a three-year post as the Chief of Staff and Campaigns Director to the then Minister of State for Justice, Sir Simon Hughes.

What we’re doing

Nothing is more British than fair play. And nowhere is fair play more important than at elections.  We’re worried about the integrity of our democracy and we’re taking action because Brits don’t cheat – and we certainly don’t let cheaters get away with it.

Our country is split down the middle. It’s more divided than ever before. We need to put an end to this chaos. Let’s come together as a country to bring the cheaters to justice, strengthen the rules for our elections and secure a fair vote on our future.

We the people should be deciding our future – not big business, foreign companies, or the super-rich. Join us and fight for our democracy.

Publishing the evidence

See the whistleblower evidence with your own eyes and decide for yourself. No intermediary. No slant. Just the truth. Then, take action to defend our democracy.

See the evidence

Advocating fairness

The Electoral Commission needs more power to safeguard fair elections. We’re advocating for key changes to make sure cheaters are prosecuted, spending is monitored and results can be trusted.

Connecting you to your MP

Your MP needs to take decisive action to defend our democracy against domestic cheaters and foreign agents. Tell your MP: I want a fair vote on our country’s future.

Speak out

Holding events

Sometimes the only way to get your point across is to make some noise. We want to bring leavers, remainers and everyone in between together for a fair vote so we can be certain about our future.

Join us