Fair Vote UK maintains a number of partnerships with organisations around the world in order to advance our core objectives. As a small organisation, we highly value joint work and strongly believe that organisations achieve more when they work together. View below some of the joint initiatives we’re involved in.

Open Britain Partnership: From late 2022, Fair Vote UK has begun working in tandem with Open Britain, a grassroots organisation dedicated to systemic political change in the UK. Fair Vote primarily focuses on political advocacy and Parliamentary work, where OB is more involved with public-facing campaigning. Together, we’re working to build momentum in the UK around key issues like proportional representation, tackling dark money, restoring the right to protest, and more.
Democracy Defence Coalition: The original coalition of civil society organisations we facilitated to oppose the Elections Bill is still active. We’re working together now to confront the government about the failure of its voter ID plans, to push for an independent and robust electoral commission, and to fight for the shared values of the UK’s democracy sector.
People vs Big Tech: Fair Vote UK is a member of the People Vs Big Tech Coalition, a global network of organisations and citizens opposing the business model of big tech. PvBT is about putting people over profit, and fighting for meaningful digital regulation around the world.

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