New "Democracy Goals" Report Outlines How to Fix UK Politics

In a new joint report with our partners at Open Britain, we've synthesised our work over the last few years into twenty-four attainable goals for democracy. Through both our work with the APPG on Electoral Campaigning Transparency and our coalition campaigns on the 2022 Elections Act and the 2023 Online Safety Bill (soon to receive royal assent), it's become increasingly clear that the UK's political safeguards against authoritarianism are being eroded. Moreover, the mechanisms we use to voice dissent against the government are gradually being dismantled. It's resulting in a more dysfunctional and less equal country, in which the wealthy, corporations, and foreign oligarchs maintain more sway in Westminster than regular people. This report is the culmination of years of research, a pathway to not only restore functionality to British politics but to restore our trust in a system that is consistently letting us down.

The report features contributions from across civil society, with expert campaigners and professionals laying out the problems in their particular fields as they see them, in addition to elaboration from our own research. We're urging the next government to take these goals seriously and begin the important work of creating a democracy that works before it's too late. Read the report below and get in touch at if you'd like to get involved with our work.

UK Democracy Goals


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