APPG on Electoral Campaigning Transparency

About the APPG

Formed originally by Fair Vote UK, Stephen Kinnock MP, and the Electoral Reform Society, the work of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Electoral Campaigning Transparency is limited to issues that fall within the scope of the Electoral Commission’s three themes:

Transparency (digital and traditional);

Deterrence (How we can ensure the Electoral Commission has the level of armoury needed to deter and, if necessary, penalise adequately).

Monitoring (How we can ensure there is a process/mechanism to review whether digital campaigning laws are up-to-date and can be reformed immediately when needed).

Areas of investigation
  • Funding and spending on campaigns (to include issues such as where money comes from
  • Money spent outside of regulated periods (e.g. database creation, involvement of third parties/external agencies etc)
  • Reporting on spending (e.g. breakdown of social media spend, reporting in real time)
  • Local and national spending limits and regulating the difference
  • Online political campaign adverts to include but not be limited to: imprints, public searchable ad databases and codes of practice for campaigners
  • Investigatory and enforcement powers of the Electoral Commission
  • Possible regulatory frameworks to ensure maintenance of laws put in place
  • New transparency requirements and restrictions for political donations, particularly for “dark money” political contributions given through proxy donors, unincorporated associations, or shell corporations.

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We send periodic updates about our progress with opportunities to engage directly in the work.