‘Democracy in the Age of Pandemic’: New Report Launched

June 9, 2020

Fair Vote UK is proud to announce the publication of our report ‘Democracy in the Age of Pandemic’.

The report – born out of our April 2020 consultation – analyses and tackles the threat posed to democracy by Covid-19.

Two central functions of our democracy have been imperilled by this crisis: Governments and Parliaments functioning and Elections taking place. ‘Democracy in the Age of Pandemic’ addresses both of these in turn and outlines solutions.

This country must be better prepared for future disruptions of this sort, whether they be re-intensifications of Covid-19 or similarly debilitating crises.

You can download the report and accompanying appendices, as two separate documents, here:

REPORT – Democracy in the Age of Pandemic – Fair Vote UK – June 2020

APPENDICES – Democracy in the Age of Pandemic – Fair Vote UK Report June 2020

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