A fair vote is worth the fight

We are committed to fighting against forces that seek to erode and undermine UK democracy.

To do that, we’re pushing for truly fair representation: a modernised and resilient political system that encourages participation, enforces accountability on our leaders, and deters bad actors from breaking the rules.

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We're fighting back

We're leading civil society action to hold our leaders accountable in order to secure a fair vote for everyone.

Uniting civil society groups around key issues and using collective power to fight bad legislation and push for meaningful change.
Advocating within UK Parliament towards cross-party consensus on democratic reform, campaign finance reform, and more.
Working in coalition in the UK and around the world to push global governments to combat disinformation and regulate social media.

Join us to secure a fair vote for all

We'll keep you updated on the substance of our work and invite you to take action when the time is right.

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